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and Mayo Clinic Guide to Self-Care.

How Much Does That Cost?
When it comes to healthcare, being green as in the color of money isn't easy! It's your money and your health. The importance of price transparency - what you should know and why you should care.

Designer Genes & DNA Makeup
The Splitting Image of Me! Your DNA is unique. Knowing your genetic traits can reveal your personal predisposition toward better health and well-being.
Meritain Health, An Aetna Company
Aetna PPO connects our members to high quality healthcare providers without the need for referrals. Plan administration provided by Meritain Health, an independent subsidiary of Aetna.

The Doctor Will See You Now
Telehealth or Skype with the Doctor! Secure, confidential and convenient - the doctor can answer your questions, diagnose, suggest next steps and/or prescribe medications.

We Have an App for That!
Suddenly, technology has transformed healthcare. What you know today can be obsolete tomorrow. Smartphones and mobile devices help consumers and medical providers stay up to date. Learn how.
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